Visual storyteller

Born in Verona (Italy), I grew up between the city and the Dolomites. This way I learnt to appreciate the beauty of naturalism, believing that the act of looking comes before the existing techniques, habits and rules. In 2016, after graduating with a Bachelor in Fine Arts and major in cinematography, I moved to the UK and settled down in London for a few years. There I began to work as a video editor for Thomson Reuters, while I also started to work in the lighting department on set of different productions. I learnt a lot and I keep learning a lot, my work shaped by everything I experience.

Passionate backpacker, I’ve hitchhiked about 22000km on the road so far: traveling does teach a lot. If you feel like reading some stories from the road, here it's my journal, in the hope it will inspire you to pack your backpack, whenever you get the chance, setting off to explore beyond homes' fences:



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