First strike for climate - Verona

(March 15th, 2019)


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I believe that because of the fact the economic system doesn’t provide eco-solutions available to everyone on a global scale, the governs have the most efficient means and resources to start fighting climate change right away. The problem is that they do not really care, rich people get richer and richer, and poor people poorer and poorer. And it’s the poorest people that will be one the most affected by climate change, because they do not have the resources that would help them adapt to the change. We need radical actions which require unprecedented sacrifice, yet we still live in a vicious circle where the power of money wins against every form of education and humanity.

Of course our individual actions are important, maybe the best motivating starting point… but they are also a dangerous stopping point: how often we focus on how green we live, showing-off we live greener than our neighbors? So many people live a greener life day by day, yet we won’t go anywhere till the governs decide it’s time to really put into practice the nice words they keep preaching at each summit for climate. And so that’s the purpose of the strikes: to try to wake up and shake the hypocritical political class so that they realise that ‘the young people are starting to understand their betrayal’ (to quote Greta), and that the failure of the political leadership is what stands in the way to a livable future.

The issue is much bigger than realizing that there’s too much plastic in the ocean and that the Earth is getting warmer and warmer. We are facing a huge problem which is not only environmental in its nature, but also ethical and political: this is what climate justice is about. It’s about equality, it’s about the acknowledgement of the fact we can live, if only we wanted to, as brothers and sister on the same planet. And strikes are important for this too: so many people get to know each other during the marches, so many people, who did not know each other, realize that the fight for climate change is something that should go, if only we wanted to, beyond any political ideology, beyond differences in religions, and traditions.

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